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Jo's Best Friends
Midnight/navy blue with small variegated gold stars
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Ref # p0260-3685-b      $11.30 Yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Jamestown
An all time favorite - rich red background with images of black and a tiny dot of gold.
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Ref # p0260-3449-r      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Bridgeport
Brick red with soft design created with black interlacing lines and tiny white pinpoint surrounding that image
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Ref # a-5602-r      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Savannah
Warm cocoa brown background with leafy fern in black and a soft gold flower.
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Ref # a-7161-bn_      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Amelia
Mauvy pink with a tiny white dot that gives the impression of being a star.
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Ref # a-7274-p      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Ravenwood
Very versatile. Black background with light tan lines and 4 patches.
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Ref # p0260-2474-k      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Jo's Best Friends Classics
Beautiful deep red with scrolls and stars printed in soft black
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Ref # p0260-3796-r      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

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